• Remote Happiness Hero

    take your job with you, anywhere you want.

    River is a #1 platform to grow your Instagram with people who can buy your products or pay for your services

    One of our priorities is to deliver Customer Support that really stands out.

    We're looking for a Remote Happiness Hero

    Where You’ll Work

    You will work in the place in the world that makes you happy, that inspires you daily, and helps you to become the person that you wish to be.

    What We Value

    Positive mindset, empathy and willingness to help are just a few of River’s cultural values.

    What You'll Do

    You will be talking online with our beloved Customers via Intercom and email about River for Instagram.

    How You'll Work

    1. Work 4-6 hours a day

    We believe that we're most effective when the time is stretched a bit. We are not only more focused, but also much more creative. Try for yourself.

    2. Love every single Customer

    We love our Customers. We are grateful for them. We have great respect for them. We listen. We are open for the next communication. We are here for them.

    3. Deliver value and Close Sales Deals

    We sign between 200-300 potential customers daily from all timezones. Your goal is to make them happy, reach out, answer questions, make their River jorney a pleasure and be sure that we've delivered a real value for their business before closing the deal.

    4. Enjoy your Life

    We love what we're doing. We want you to have the same life enjoyment as we do. Go surfing, make music, play tennis, whatever is ther that makes you even more happy.

    Why Are We Different. Our Values.

    1. We want you to take your job with you

    Join us. Take your job with you. Anywhere you want. Have fun all day. Everyday.

    2. We encourage you to follow your passion

    We want you to follow your passion. Why not work less and have more time to take photos, dive, snorkle, surf, design clothes, perform in a theatre, write music or just explore the world.

    3. We pay on weekly basis + monthly bonus

    You will be paid $7/hr and we want you to work 4-6 hours a day. Additionally, every time we reach our monthly sales target we also pay a bonus based on our sales growth. Typically starting from $250 extra.

    4. We love to travel and work from almost all timezones

    World is too beautiful to spend your time in one place and miss what it has to offer. We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

    Who Are We Looking For

    1. Native or fluent english speaking person

    2. A happy, cheerful personality with willingness to improve

    We love our Customers. We want you to love and help them too. Period.

    3. Ideally, you already tried River and understand the value of Instagram and social media

    In our customer eyes we are Instagram experts. It would be perfect if you already know how River works, what we deliver, why our customers love us and what's the value of our product.

    4. A Self-organized person

    It's up to you where you work from as long as you have your internet connection and laptop with you. A lot of us work from the beach, swimming pools, cafes or parks with our favorite music on. And we love it this way!

    Join us. Take your job with you. Anywhere you want.

    Have fun all day.

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